hello its meg i was once mcdolands as many of u know

this is a post for some of u who i cared about a lot, and obv for people who come across my tag lol or my empty blog

so hey ive decided to delete my blog completely rather than continue with this semi hiatus (i made a new account with the same url just to post this lol)

tbh im really upset bc ive forgotten some of your urls and i cant tag you all :/ not that all of you would care anyway… i lost contact with a lot of you by the end of this 5 year journey

BUT YEAH tumblr was always a really toxic environment for me and so this is one of the best decisions ive ever made. it made me angry always which was funny for a while but really detrimental to my mental health in the end. ALSO I HAVE MY FINAL EXAMS EVER SOON so yeah im minimizing distractions

but tbh im never EVER coming back to this trash website even tho i use xkit to download music illegally :’)

my snapchat is megstillydgn if any of yall be needing me in ur future lives and ive hoarded this url so no one can steal my mojo ever :’)

i dub clater and gherkind to be the guardians of my 100k+ note text posts. fed them, bathe them and tuck them in at night for me please <3 mummy has some serious grown up shit to do with her life

i love you, i love you

goodbye !!!!!!!!!!!